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Paul’s Fan Company continues to serve Champion Fan clients with high-quality industrial fans and services.

Acquisition of Champion Fan Corporation

In 2016, Paul’s Fan Company acquired the Champion Fan Corporation’s assets and data. At the time of acquisition, Champion Fan had been serving the industrial fan community for over a hundred years. The Champion name was known worldwide throughout dozens of industries for highly-engineered industrial fans and blowers. A focus on custom features such as high-pressure capability, special materials, and fabrications brought the company it’s success over the years.

With Paul’s Fan Company having extensive experience in underground mining fans and looking to expand into the industrial sector, purchasing the assets and data made sense. Product offerings could be expanded and the culture’s of both companies allowed for a seamless integration. The strong presence of Champion Fan designs worldwide and abroad added to the benefits of purchasing the assets so a deal was struck.

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Expanded Product Selection

Paul’s Fan Company continues to proudly serve the industries that Champion Fan Corporation once served. These industries include air pollution, petrochemical, chemical, recycling and waste treatment, and automotive paint systems. In addition to custom fans, below are some of the induced draft and forced draft fan products that Paul’s Fan Company continues to provide for these industries.

Air Foil & Single Camber Fans

A complete line of high-efficiency fans for general ventilation and higher pressure industrial applications.

Pressure Blowers

Designed to handle a wide variety of high-pressure clean air applications with 140,000 CFM and 80’ W.G. minimum.

Plug Paks

Designed for use in ovens, plenums, penthouses, spray booths, and a variety of other applications.

Cube Paks

Used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications for both  supply and exhaust.

Quick Access Centrifugal Fans

The perfect solution for applications requiring frequent cleaning or quick access.

Vent Paks

Self-contained, space-saving design for general ventilation applications.

Tubular Centrifugal Fans

Used for supply and exhaust where space is limited. A quiet alternative to an axial fan.

Quick Access Tubular Fans

Specifically designed for use in paint spray booth applications that require quick access.

Industrial Exhausters

A complete line of rugged industrial fans used for fumes, vapors, and dust collection.

Radial Tip Fans

Built to maximize efficiency while handling abrasive and corrosive gas streams

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Continued Service

If you have a Champion Fan and need service or repair, we’re here to help. Pauls Fan Company continues to provide specialty services and replacement parts to anyone who owns a Champion Fan.

Preventive Maintenance

Early detection of bearing defects-machinery monitoring, wearing parts, misalignment, loose components, buildup, unbalance, and motor problems.

Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing

Complete field analysis and precision dynamic balancing of equipment in place. We use state-of-the-art equipment an offer effective solutions.

Precision Coupling Alignment

Precise shaft alignment and soft foot removal is done quickly by experienced technicians using modern laser alignment equipment.

Fan Repair, Rebuild, or Replacement

Paul’s Fans can repair, rebuild, or replace your Champion Fan using high-quality materials and unmatched workmanship.

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