At Pauls Fan Company, we don’t just manufacture high-quality industrial fans. We also provide unrivaled industrial fan repair services.

Our Services

The Pauls Fan Company staff is trained, certified, and ready to resolve your ventilation issues in a timely manner. We have 24/7 emergency services available for both shop work and on-site work. This leads to lower downtime and more cost savings for you. Our shop is equipped to handle everything from small shaft repairs to more complex industrial fan rebuilds.

Full-Service Repairs

We have expertly trained staff available 24/7 to help with all your mining and industrial ventilation repair needs and coordinate any emergency repairs.

On-site availabilities include troubleshooting, diagnostics, and retrofitting. Contact us for customized and/or specialized fitting and installations.

Turn-Key Installation

We have broad experience in designing, building, and installing industrial ventilation fans and blowers. Industries of all types and sizes have trusted Pauls Fan Company to install their ventilation systems. Click to learn more about our turnkey installation.


Fans & Parts Inventory

We have complete fans, ventilation parts, and fan blades in stock for nearly all makes and models. We can also custom fabricate hard to find fan components.

Custom Commercial Ductwork

Over the years we have manufactured and installed custom ducting for an array of ventilation systems. Custom ductwork is one of the most critical elements of an industrial ventilation fan. Don’t sacrifice efficiency because of poor ductwork. Click to learn more about our custom commercial ductwork.

Alignment Services

Laser alignment & computer balancing services are available at your job site.

Project Management

There is no need to outsource. Our project management service are almost always more cost effective than hiring an outside company. We save you time and eliminate any scheduling problems that could arise throughout the process. Click to learn more about our project management services.

Preventative Maintenance

Nothing beats planned maintenance! Waiting until parts are worn or damaged can result in complete fan failure. Contact Pauls Fan Company to schedule an inspection.

Need To Schedule Service For A Fan?

Contact our team to schedule industrial or underground ventilation maintenance or a repair or to learn about our other ventilation services.

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