Asphalt and Aggregate Processing Plants

Paul’s Fan Company has over 60 years of experience manufacturing high-pressure blowers for aggregate and asphalt plants.

High-Pressure Blowers for Asphalt and Aggregate Plants

For 60 years, Pauls Fans has been manufacturing high-pressure blowers. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry has allowed us to design and fabricate blowers to customer’s exact specifications. You can rest assure that your fan will be built with the toughest most rugged materials on the market, allowing for a long and efficient operating life. Whether you are intending to use the blower for dust control or removing abrasives we have you covered.

Custom Design

Experience serving the asphalt and aggregate industry means you get a fan designed to your exact specifications.

Best Drawing In The Industry

Our custom designs facilitate quick fabrication times and more precise construction so you get your blower sooner rather than later.

Specialty Metals Experience

Experience with materials like aluminum, stainless steel, corten steel, and other super-alloys means an optimal design for your specific needs.

Experienced Staff

Paul’s Fan Company employees have between 10 and 40 years of experience so in the event of an immediate need we can provide you with quick solutions.

Industry Leading Guarantee

At Paul’s Fan Company, we believe in our products and want to make sure that the end result is exactly what you expected, so we offer an industry leading 1-year limited guarantee.

Our High-Pressure Blowers

High-Pressure Radial Blowers

Type HPR

High-performance radial bladed fan design capable of running at 35,000 FPM tip speed. We have experience manufacturing fans for a variety of different applications, configurations, and from any weldable alloy.

Volumes to 140,000 CFM and pressures to 80″.

Ultra High- Pressure Radial Blowers


High-performance radial bladed fan suited for slightly higher pressure, but lower volumetric capacity than the HPR design. We often construct these fans out of stainless steel or superalloys such as Hastelloy.

Volumes to 140,000 CFM and pressures to 100″ W.G.

High-Pressure Single Camber Blowers


High pressure, low volume, backward curve bladed fan design, which meets the industry’s demand for higher efficiency in handling gas streams, which are less severe in abrasion, corrosion, and/or erosion.

Volumes to 170,000 CFM and pressures to 100″ W.G.

High-Pressure Radial Tip Blowers


Radial tip-fan of medium volumetric capacity and high-pressure design capability. These fans and are suitable for dirty gas streams and are the best choice when abrasion, corrosion, and/or erosion are anticipated.

Volumes to 170,000 CFM and pressures to 100″ W.G.

Why Choose Pauls Fan Company

We have become one of the most recognizable mine fan companies in US, Mexico, and Canada. We pride ourselves on providing products that continue to improve both efficiency and safety in the mining industry. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the best and safest solution for your aggregate or asphalt processing plant.

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