Portable Industrial Fans

A portable industrial fan is an economical solution when there’s a temporary or short term need for air movement. Mounted on wheels or skids, portable fans are for situations that require air movement in a hurry. Workplace ventilation is a very common application but they’re also used for cooling equipment or people and for removing odors.

Paul’s Fan Company designs and manufactures portable fans for customers in industries from mining and steel mills to refineries and foundries. If you need to move your ventilation or air movement system between multiple locations, or you’re looking for a quick solution while something more lasting is developed, talk to us about our portable industrial fans.

Types of Portable Industrial Fans

The two configurations of portable industrial fan are axial and radial. Paul’s Fan Company can supply both styles and will recommend what’s most appropriate for your application. Portable fans are usually mounted on a wheeled platform for easy positioning and relocation. If needed, a portable fan could be skid-mounted for a forklift to pick up and move.

Our portable industrial fans can be either electrically-powered or engine driven. Note that engine driven fans are more suited to outdoor applications and those where electrical power is not easily delivered.

Fan size and airflow (in CFM/cubic meters/hour) are always application-specific. Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you what we can do.

Axial Portable Industrial Fans

Axial fans are the type with large, sometimes aerofoil-section, blades that move air in the direction of the fan axis. These can move large volumes of air, spreading it over a wide area. That makes them effective for general workplace ventilation, cooling and removing odors.
Axial is the most energy-efficient fan configuration but they tend to be noisy. That may be an issue in confined spaces, especially where noise levels are already high.

Radial Portable Industrial Fans

Radial fans referred to on occasion as centrifugal or squirrel cage fans, have a drum or barrel that pulls air in through the center and throws it out from the periphery. Their strength is delivering air to a specific location. That makes them good for cooling specific items of machinery and drying coatings or anything that has become wet.

A feature of radial fans is their low noise. In quiet locations this lets them run unobtrusively and in noisy environments, it avoids any further contribution to the decibel level.

Applications for Portable Industrial Fans

Portable industrial fans are the answer when the ventilation, cooling or drying need is temporary. They are used to improve working conditions during maintenance or construction, when ambient temperatures get abnormally high or before a permanent solution is built and installed.

Any business concerned about creating a safe working environment can benefit from portable industrial fans. OSHA 29 CFR 1910 specifically addresses the need for ventilation and the importance of ensuring good indoor air quality. A portable fan or fans can satisfy that requirement until either the workplace changes or a lasting installation is implemented.

Industries using portable industrial fans include but are not limited to:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals and fibers production
  • Paint booths
  • Foundries
  • Smelters
  • Glass production
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • Paper and pulp industries
  • General manufacturing

Why Choose Paul’s Fan Company?

In addition to strong technical capabilities, we provide experience and an unrivaled commitment to customer service. We will not only design and build the portable fan that best meets your needs but will support installation and provide service and maintenance as necessary.

Unsure whether a portable industrial fan is an answer to your ventilation, cooling, or drying problem? Discuss it with us and together we’ll find the solution that works best for you.

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