Industrial Vacuum Fans

Run an efficient operation with custom vacuum fan design and installation from Paul’s Fan Company. We also offer vacuum fan repair services.

Vacuum fans play an essential role in keeping your operation clean, efficient, and up to federal regulations. For decades, our team at Paul’s Fan Company has provided tailor-made vacuum fan solutions and project management services for countless industries.

No matter what type of industrial fan and blower service you’re looking for, you can trust Paul’s to build, install, and support it.

Vacuum Fan Specifications

A vacuum fan is a system that rapidly transports air (often saturated with materials like dust or vapor) out of space and into a collection point. However, they can also be used to perform tasks that require a vacuum force to manipulate objects. For instance, a company might use one of our fans to create a vacuum force sufficient to hold or lift objects.

Whether you’re trying to remove particulates from the air or manage objects with vacuum force, Paul’s Fan Company can give you the perfect vacuum fan system for your application.

Vacuum Fan Applications

Because vacuum fans serve multiple functions, they are used by many different industries. Any operation that sends dangerous particles or vapors into the air requires ventilation services to keep its workers safe.

We’ve worked with numerous businesses to create vacuum fans that are just right for their workspace. Here are some of the industries we’ve worked in:


Much like mining, the manufacturing industry can also house plenty of airborne hazards. Processes like welding, cutting, grinding, and painting can saturate the air with fumes and materials that are dangerous if inhaled. With a vacuum fan system, we can keep these particles out of the workspace.

Custom Vacuum Fans

At Paul’s Fan Company we’re experts at creating and implementing ventilation solutions in industries of all kinds. If you need a vacuum fan that meets specific criteria, give us a call. We offer plenty of customization options to make sure your fan meets your exact needs.

Vacuum Fan Repairs & Refurbishments

Once we’ve installed your new fan, you can always come back to us whenever you need repairs or refurbishment work. We keep our inventory stocked with high-quality parts and have a skilled team standing by to get your fan back up and running.

Quality Industrial Vacuum Fan Services

For six decades, Paul’s Fan Company has worked on ventilation solutions across a wide range of industries. Our experts handle the entire vacuum fan manufacturing process, from design to installation and upkeep.

If you need a vacuum fan in your operation, or if your existing system requires a tune-up, you can count on us to deliver the right products and services for you.

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