Metal/Non-Metal Mining

Paul’s Fan Company has been providing underground ventilation fans to metal & non-metal mining industries for over 60 years.

Metal & Non-Metal Mining Fans

If you are looking for a portable fan for metal or non-metal mining you have come to the right place. Here at Paul’s Fan Company, we design non-explosive portable mine fans that can be taken into cavities closer to a working area. We combine portability, low maintenance, low pressure, and diesel engines into a durable yet safe fan for your underground mining needs. During our design process, you can choose from a variety of safety features such as screens, guards, or enhancements to structural integrity.

The safety of your mine is our number one priority.

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Metal/Non-Metal Mining

Why Choose Pauls Fan Company

With more than 60 years of experience, we have become one of the most recognizable mine fan companies in US, Mexico, and Canada. We pride ourselves on providing products that continue to improve both efficiency and safety in the mining industry. We’ve worked with gold, silver, salt, zinc, lead, limestone, sandstone, iron, gypsum, marble, and potash industries to provide reliable mine fans. Whatever you’re underground ventilation needs may be, we’ll find a way to help.