Across The Line Motor Starters & Soft Starts

Take advantage of our service and expertise and get high-quality across the line motor starters or soft starts today. 

Paul’s Fan Company has a wide range of starters and soft starts, complete with incredible safety features, warning abilities, and more. Shop motor starts to upgrade functionality and provide reliability, or opt for soft starts to create a gentle rev up to full speed and lengthen the lifespan of your motors.

Across The Line Motor Starters

Our universal motor starters are cost-efficient and reliable. This product can be used with any application — industrial or mine-related — that uses an electric motor. The compatibility offered enables you to eliminate guesswork and boost efficiency.

Equipped with simple controls, across the line motor starters are incredibly user-friendly. Not only are the controls intelligible, but they also contain an overload relay that keeps the motor from over-ramping.

Other features of across the line motor starters include:

  • NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Circuit breaker disconnect with lockable handle
  • Push-button start and stop switch
  • HOA selector [local/off/remote]

Additional Benefits Of Motor Starters

  • In stock and available from Full Load AMP operating load of 50 to 400 AMPS
  • Comes with a list of featured components
  • Circuit breaker and full rated contactor
  • Motor overload protection and phase loss protection
  • 110 VAC control power transformer

Soft Starts

Give your engine a break by offering a gradual start with our soft start options, available in low and medium voltage. These additions are great for large hp applications or high amp loads.

Control and adjust your motor’s speed for additional safety and supervision. Soft starts are easier on the lifespan of the three-phase motor, too. Run simulations and test your settings with details before ever firing up your model.

Paul’s Fan Company offers a soft start ranging from 1500hp to 3000hp.
Additional Benefits Of Soft Start Control Packages

  • NEMA 4 enclosure cabinet
  • Circuit breaker disconnect with lockable handle
  • Push-button start and stop switch
  • HOA selector [local/off/remote]
  • EMX-3 soft starter system
  • Circuit breaker
  • Overload protection
  • Control transformer
  • Heater to maintain operating temperature

Get Efficient & Reliable Across The Line Starters & Soft Starts

To update your motor or create the added functionality with upgrades, you and your equipment benefit from the efficiency and reliability offered by across the line starters and soft starts. The safety options, override capabilities, test-run recommendations, and more allow you to get the full use out of every motor, but without overloading it in the process.

Find the right adjustment for your hp range for an efficient way to upgrade your motors.

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