At Pauls Fan Company, we don’t just manufacture high-quality mining and industrial fans. We also provide unrivaled fan repair services.

Fan Repairs

In addition to our fan manufacturing services, Paul’s Fan Company also provides top-quality fan repair for large mining fans and industrial fans. Our 24/7 staff will complete your fan repair needs promptly so you can get your operations back up and running.

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Industrial Fan Repair Services

Our certified technicians can handle just about any large fan repair, including:

  • Bearing repair and replacement
  • Shaft replacement
  • Alignment and balancing
  • Fan blade replacement

At Paul’s Fan Company, we tackle each fan repair service call quickly. After the work is done, the technician will conduct a full inspection test to make sure your fan operates as it should.

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24/7 Fan Repair Services

Every minute of downtime can cost you thousands, which is why Paul’s Fan Company provides an immediate response to any fan repair service call. When you need a fast solution, you can count on our team to be there within 24 hours. In extreme cases where full repairs cannot be performed on-site, we’ll take care of it in our shop.

Paul’s Fan Company keeps a full stock of replacement parts for most manufacturers and fan models, so there’s no waiting for a part to come in when you need a mining fan repair or industrial fan repair. This translates into prompt service and minimal production downtime for your operation.

In addition, each of our technicians and millwrights is fully certified, meaning repairs are done right the first time.

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Additional Fan Services

In addition to fan repair, we offer a wide range of other fan services, including preventive maintenance, laser alignment, and installation.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive fan maintenance services include a thorough inspection of the bearings as well as temperature and vibration analysis. Fan blades are checked to ensure there are no cracks or other types of damage. Realignment and balance on the assembly are also performed.

Preventative maintenance prevents major failures and prolongs the life of your fans.

Laser Alignment

Our on-site services include laser alignment, which is designed to reduce vibration to zero. A fan operating at peak performance will generate minimal wear on the assembly. Contact Paul’s Fan Company today to schedule alignment services on your ventilation system.

Fan Installation

Need fan installation from initial concept to final fabrication and testing? Look no further.

Paul’s Fan Company installation services typically include site inspection and preparation. If an existing fan needs to be removed, our team will safely remove your fan without detriment to your facilities. Our team will construct the new fan foundation, construct the fan, ductwork, and other support parts. After the fan is installed, our team will do a final test and alignment of your fan, including checks on your vibration and temperature monitoring.

Count On Us To Get Your Fans Back Up And Running

Paul’s Fan Company staff is trained, certified, and ready to resolve your ventilation issues in a timely manner. Turn to us for fast and efficient 24/7 emergency services available for both shop work and on-site work.

Whether you have a small shaft repair or more complex fan rebuild, Paul’s Fan Company has you covered.

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