At Pauls Fan Company we provide precision laser alignment services like shaft alignment and rotary equipment alignment.

Laser Alignment Services

Reduce the cost of spare parts and avoid expenses incurred from downtime due to misaligned machines with our laser alignment services. We use a variety of laser alignment techniques for our on-site service visits. We also have a large in-shop balancing machine. It is used when a fan is sent in for repair or when we need to align a fan prior to installation.

It is our opinion that our fan technicians are some of the best in the business when it comes to balancing and alignment. We have invested heavily in our alignment and balancing services with one goal in mind. We want to provide zero vibration or misalignment on the equipment we work on. Contact us to learn more.


Fan Commissioning

When we build a fan specific to customer needs, we offer add-on commissioning upon delivery. The commissioning includes a full check and setup in order to ensure that the fan is working to optimal levels. It also includes customer education for use, maintenance required, as well as future upgrades to the equipment.

Typically customers choose our 6-month or yearly maintenance plan. We also offer bi-weekly and monthly depending on the specific company needs.

Our Services

We service axial fans, prop fans, high pressure fans, high volume/low pressure fans, and any other industrial ventilation equipment.

  • Shaft Alignment & Balance
  • Fan Blade Alignment
  • Belt Alignment
  • Motor Alignment & Balancing
  • Pulley Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Rotary Equipment Alignment (Provided through Champion line of fans)
  • Customer Testimonial

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    “I would like to thank you and all your men for the help that you never refuse to give us. It was a huge help when you supplied us with the two diesel fans for rescue mission at our Rock House Powellton Mine. I also wanted to thank you for your help with motor and fan at our new Black Eagle mine site. The Paul’s Fan Company team is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is done right, and we appreciate that more than I can explain. Thanks again.”

    Randy Wells
    Contura Energy
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