Paul’s Fan Company Expands to Southern Gap Industrial Park

Paul’s Fan Company is excited to share that we are expanding and relocating to the Southern Gap Industrial Park; an 80,000-square foot shell building located on an approximately 14.5-acre site. VCEDA and the Buchanan County IDA have been partnering with Paul’s Fan Company on the expansion project. The expansion to the Southern Gap Industrial Park will improve company logistics and operating efficiencies, helping us to grow and expand in a central manufacturing location. With the new location and expansion, Paul’s Fan Company projects to grow to 80 full-time employees within 15 years, at an average wage of more than $20/hour.

Paul’s Fan Company is also expanding to a second industrial location in Lee County, Virginia. The industrial shell building is located at the Constitutional Oaks Industrial Park. VCEDA and the EDA have partnered with Paul’s Fan Company on the expansion project. With this expansion, the company projects 15 full-time jobs in Lee County. This expansion will be a new division of Paul’s Fan Company. Paul’s Automation and Controls will focus on programmable logic controllers, soft starts and other electrical gear to support the operation of the fans.

Read the full press release from VACEDA here.

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